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Great color service for busy mom! BALAYAGE

Balayage is one of our most requested hair color service in our studio. We highly recommend this service to a busy mom! Here are few of the reasons why we think this is great for mommies! 



Image | Balayage by | Stylist Vicky


  • Balayage is a new form of highlight that looks super natural comparing to the regular highlight technique, hair looks sun kissed. It’s a French method of adding color to hair, that means it is painted on, It’s an art form.
  • It’s as a sweeping technique that is stylized and customized to your hair cut!
  • Your don’t have to touch up your roots like a regular highlight. It’s way less damaging to your hair. You won’t be at the salon every month or two to keep up. The grow-out line isn’t obvious!
  • If you really want to skip an extra couple of months in between salon sessions, take a purple shampoo, It will help you to refresh the color weekly!
  • Fanola ( purple shampoo we have in our studio ) is a special formulated purple shampoo that really helps maintain the highlights from turning brassy. It is one of the purest and strongest formulas out in the market and our stylist are obsessed!